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We are Ron and Raselynn Villar, Life Licensed Agents and Agency (Associated General Agency) Business Owners with a team of dedicated expert agents licensed in multiple provinces. We hold a Senior Vice President promotional level inside our Managing General Agency (MGA).

We are partnered with some of the Best Rated Life Insurance Companies in Canada and we find fulfilment in helping secure and change the lives of others.

Raselynn Rosell Villar

Life Licensed Agent/ Insurance Broker

Ron Villar

Life Licensed Agent/ Insurance Broker

We are based in Calgary, AB and with both holding Alberta licenses, Raselynn also has a Life and Accident & Sickness license in the following jurisdictions: British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

  • We are available to you 24/7.
  • We’ll keep you updated annually and bi-annually.
  • We can do your application offline or online.
  • We are partnered with some of the Best Rated Life Insurance Companies in Canada.
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Getting ready for a new ​home, or maybe looking to ​know more about in​surance or retirem​ent plans?

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Raselynn is a competent financial advisor. She is detailed and accommodating. She answers my questions clearly and with great confidence. I highly recommend her services.


Ron is an outstanding Advisor. Very committed to his clients and the industry. Young and dynamic and continually upgrading so he can offer more to his growing client base and the other Advisors who work with him. He is reliable, committed and professional.


I had the pleasure of working with Ron and Rase Villar. This couple consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the financial landscape and an unwavering commitment to helping clients achieve their goals by providing tailored recommendations and solutions.

Because of their dedication, they are now one of the youngest Senior Vice President in our company. I highly recommend them!


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Canadian life insurers are regulated nationally ​and not at the state level as in the States.

In many ways, the Canadian Barometer ​findings paint a picture of a stronger market ​than in the U.S.:

  • Self-reported life insurance ownership is ​at 56 percent.
  • 21 percent of Canadian adults are ​uninsured and say they need life ​insurance.
  • 10 percent of Canadian adults are insured ​but say they need more.

21 % of Canadian ​adults are uninsured ​and say they need life ​insurance.

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LIMRA and Life Happens have conducted the U.S. Life ​Insurance Barometer Study every year since 2011.*

*Source - LIMRA

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Combine the power of ​investing, insurance ​strategies, & retirement ​planning to grow your ​wealth exponentially! You ​deserve to enjoy financial ​freedom.

From Universal Life, Whole Life, to Term—Don't be afraid. Life Insurance doesn't have to be difficult. We can walk you through the difference between them. We can discuss how much coverage you need and how you and your loved ones can both benefit!

More than 80% Canadians say the financial world feels more confusing and complex than it did five years ago.*

Wherever you are in your financial journey, our team of consultants and brokers will guide you step-by-step, whether you're starting out with personal finance or managing business risks. With us, you can achieve your financial goals with confidence!

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